My ``Passione Classica``

Passione Classica originates from a private collection of classic cars: mine and my family’s.

Passione Classica means opening the doors of our garage and sharing the joy of owning and driving classic cars: real time machines that have brought us not only their priceless beauty, but also fragments of their time and the social context they were born into—cars designed for different needs, that speak of different habits and customs, of snippets of daily life, of music and trends.

Passione Classica is a place where the dream of owning a “classic” can be made into the concrete project of parking it in your own garage.
On this website you will find the pictures of some of my projects that have become reality in scale 1:1.

Some classic cars found a place in this collection for a few months, only to be replaced. There are others whose presence is still invaluable, even after years. Each and every ``lady`` here at Passione Classica, be it twenty or eighty years old, is preserved with the attention and care of a collector.

The commercial value of a historical car might set its price; however, it does not ultimately define its importance, which is subjective and depends on different personal experiences, on the place it holds in our desires.

The first car you drove, Dad’s car, the one printed on the poster in your room, the one you liked as a teenager: every classic car has equal importance and dignity, from the common subcompacts to the very rare sports car, because the love for one model or the other dwells within the hearts of those who dream of driving it.
It is a real passion: a Passione Classica.

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