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The cars

Choices driven by instinct and competence

For a good car trader, choosing a car usually happens according to precise market rules.
For me, for Passione Classica, the choice is dictated by the collector’s instinct, by the desire of making mine a piece of history, enjoying the shape of its body, smelling the characteristic scent of its interior that hides hints of a story I want to be a part of.
Every car purchased for my garage is the result of a careful selection on its origins and state of preservation.
Availing myself of collaborations fostered throughout years of work in the field, I evaluate and purchase cars for personal enjoyment, with the conviction that each vehicle is not to be demeaned and parked in the corner of a warehouse, but used—and consequently always kept in shape—as a proper car.
Anyone who wants to see a car at Passione Classica, and eventually decides to make it their own, is not buying from a mere trader, but from a passionate collector.

The collection

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